I am reading 1 John and love is something John always talks about so as I consider John’s words I am reminded that love is the biggest topic talked about all from Genesis to Revelations. Sometimes it is demonstrated with protection or God’s provision and sometimes it is just stated that He so loved the world and then demonstrated by action. Love is not an emotion but an action a constant movement to grow and know more and to draw closer. For me love started at the cross and from there He has changed my heart and my mind, He has provided and directed, and many times I have felt His presence when I struggle with sin (past or present). The Word says I am beloved so I looked up the meaning of that word and dearly loved is the definition. I am dearly loved by my God who not only said it but demonstrated it. Through the years I have understood and been convicted of my part in Jesus crucifixion, I have no problem understanding that the punishment He took was directly in part my fault. I have heard about, read about and watched portrayals of His suffering for me and always the tug on my heart is real and my conviction I understand but I received a mental picture from a book that I read that gave me a different perspective of the cross. The story talked about Jesus standing at the bottom of the Hoover Dam and the walls splitting open and tons of sin (past, present and future) are being dumped on Him all at one time. That image of Him covered with filth and shame that belonged to me, separated from the Father and the Holy Spirit and my Savior completely unloved by me did it anyway. “And while we were yet sinners Christ died for us” and He calls me beloved! How do I take that name and replace “forgotten” in my heart? He knew before I was born everything about me and every minute of my life and so many times I was presented with an opportunity to meet Him and I turned my back and still He loved me. Where I see failure God sees potential and when I feel rejection He sees an opportunity to comfort and strengthen me. Everything about Him goes against the sin nature inside of me and I am called to be like Him so how do I learn to see me through His eyes? Beloved, I am dearly loved by my God I need Him to replace my vision with His; “I am a new creation behold old things have passed away and all things have been made new” so many years ago God spoke to me with that verse and again today He has reminded me of how true it still is. His word is alive and true yesterday, today and tomorrow that means I am a new creation every day. So today I will pray Psalm 57:10 “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit with in me” because I am beloved.

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