Today again I am reflecting on life and the world around me and how that all ties together. This morning I began reading in the book of Daniel and I chuckled about a Sunday school lesson that frustrated me when I first began to go to church. I was somewhere close to 31 years old when I met Jesus and I was not raised in a church nor had I ever read the bible. Throughout the lesson that morning the teacher made several references to the story of Daniel and I had no idea what he was talking about. I had heard about Daniel in the lion’s den and that he had not gotten eaten but that was truly the extent of my knowledge of him. I am happy to say that Daniel has become a favorite book of mine and though it is full of miraculous events his faithfulness has always been what impressed me the most. Daniel was young when he was taken into captivity to a foreign land with no family and only a few friends that stood with him (Shack, Rack, and Benny) but from the first day he purposed in his heart to follow his God. That sounds all Christianize and wonderful but these young men were taken from their home after watching so many people they knew and loved be killed, their entire city destroyed, and the only reason they were saved was to serve the new king. I’m considering how I would see the hand of God in that or if I would be like so many of the others that lost all faith. It comes down to character; Daniel and Job are both great examples of being the exact people they claimed to be. God says he would rather I be hot or cold but being just warm disgusts Him. As this picture is unfolding in my mind I am struggling with how to write it. I have to start at the top and see the culture that I live in. It is widely accepted that the law makers and governing body in general are liars and thieves and consider themselves above the people they serve. Wealth and power are so important that the spoiled rich with no morals or values have increasing influence over social behavior. It is unacceptable to expect young people to take responsibility for their actions and behaviors which leads to a constant lowering of the standards so they can reach them but the expected reward is so much higher. In such a self-serving instant gratification society full of hopeless broken people why are they not running to the light on every corner? Today my hope for revival has diminished some but God is faithful. I am called to examine myself and let God reveal where I have fallen short in my own character and no matter what the outcome to be faithful and not give up. “With God all things are possible”.

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