Without Excuse

The last few days I have made several attempts to write about a subject that is very dear to me and I have not been able to find the words. Each day I have rehearsed what I would say in my head but as I write them they sound so inadequate for the topic. God continues to lead me back to history and to the condition of the heart. As I read His word He is showing me that everything from creation to the end of Revelations points to my need for Him. In the bible God has given an answer to every excuse and every doubt that comes with free will and still the cross is an offense. Today I see God’s answers “so that they are without excuse”. If I lived in a perfect world, The garden; if God would just remove sin and start over, the flood; if Satan was not here to tempt us, Job; if people would just listen, Jonah; if God would just tell us the rules, the law; if God Himself would lead us out of bondage, the Exodus. He gave prophets, kings, judges, all with the purpose of pointing His beloved creation to Him. This is a very long list of proof that my ability to save myself or earn a spot at the table is impossible. God sees the “hearts of men” the deepest desire to be like Him, to be worthy of praise and honor based on my ability to work hard enough or be good enough. From the silent years of oppression history has looked for the Conquering King and God will also grant that to the world “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess”. The cross is an offensive because it takes away any hope that I could ever be like God. No matter what the world sees I also know my own heart and I know that I deserved to be the one on that cross and even if I could take that punishment and save myself I would not endure it for you. That is the great divide, the depth of love I can’t grasp, that place where mercy and justice meet and I realize He is my only hope. “Straight is the path and narrow is the gate and few there be that find it” this is a call to urgency, a place of surrender, the offense of the cross is not just my need for His forgiveness but that it is the mirror that reveals my own failure. He is worthy of all praise!!

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