Humble yourself and pray

The Bible says humble yourself and pray and honestly I thought I have been doing that until I began studying the book of Romans. I’ve been in chapter 1 for weeks now because God is trying to teach me some things. He hit me at the beginning with a picture of true transformation and then the obedience of faith, and today with the current state of this country, I continue asking for revival and to see what the church is really supposed to look like. What I have found as He speaks to me about my humbleness is I have only scratched the surface of my understanding of the word and I have to stop all idol worship, no I don’t have a statue in my home, but anything I put before Him is and idol so I have a few to deal with. To begin this deeper understanding of being humble from His point of view I need to put into practice having the mind of Christ. The obedience of faith is not rules or behaviors it is thought, it is the way I see the world, it is living out what I believe. Do you know that there are several research studies to find out why young adults leave the church when they are out on their own? I can’t imagine the amount of money spent to try and understand something that can be answered by setting in on a public school science class. If evolution is real then creation is not and from that point on church is about conforming to a set of rules, teenagers to young adults do not make good conformist. I have to say that I love Ken Ham’s ministry because the foundation of my faith is what holds everything else in place. Without creation I could never come in the ballpark of understanding the love of my Savior. The detail and care to make so much beauty, the provision for the future with seeds and reproduction, the perfect position of the sun and moon, and yet it was me that He chose to die for. I am right now watching the natural progression of the teaching and belief of evolution being acted out in our country. The devaluing of life, if I am not created in the image of God I am a statistic of chance, just lucky to have formed completely. If I have no value past the circumstances of my existence, then it is almost merciful to abort a baby that has a mountain of dysfunction stacked against him.  If I am not created in the image of God and a direct descendant of the first man, and if evolution is true then race does matter. If God did not create us to multiply and fill the earth, then gender selection is naturally a cause of new mutation in the evolution process. It is impossible to have the mind of Christ and live in the obedience of faith if He is a liar. For the record I am not struggling with my belief in creation or the Bible but I am sad that so many people allow evolution to be taught to their children without question. If I look at creation through the eyes of Christ racism does not exist, our skin tones make us as beautiful as a field of wildflowers. There is no equality in evolution and there is no room for mercy or grace, only the strong survive. Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Asking for God to change the hearts of men and not change the trajectory of our thinking is simply a practice in futility. I believe God can and even wants to heal this country but how bad do we want it? I believe God would never have been kicked out of our schools, courts, and government if we hadn’t kicked Him out of our homes first. God said “raise up a child in the way he should go”, today I am humbled to pray for the mothers and fathers that are overwhelmed with the business of life and for the Body of Christ to stand in that gap for them and with them speaking truth in love. We are the salt and the light, the reflection of the one true God, filled with the hope of glory, we got this! We are Beloved

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