Off to Conquer the World

I feel like I am swimming in an ocean of self-help, how-to, and I can teach you how to be rich information; I am overwhelmed. I have begun a new adventure, and I am excited about it; however, it is entirely out of my comfort zone. Because I know nothing about this business, I thought it would be wise to learn and grow into a successful person. I have come out of the last five months of learning to be authentic and confident, doubting that I have any value. I do believe what I think matters. Also, I believe speaking life changes my disposition and brings me more joy. What has me baffled is how I can be authentic and talk like someone else? I find humor in some of this because it is like looking up diet information; the more you read about choosing healthy, the more contradictory it becomes. It’s kind of like “eat beets, they are so healthy,” and the next doctor says, “beets have way too much starch; eat very sparingly.” They both have convincing arguments that can be validated, so do you eat beets or not? I don’t want to be entirely negative because I have gotten some valuable information that has opened my eyes to the area of my life I have overlooked. With that said, I have a new vision for my life, and I am ready to take this journey. A wise man once told me, “eat the meat and throw away the bones.” I believe that applies to everything but the Bible. Here is 2021, the year of new beginnings, new adventures, and plenty of trial and error.

If I can encourage anyone with my story, it is because it is not unique. Change is going to happen, and it can be good or bad, depending on my outlook. The most important thing I have learned so far is that joy has nothing to do with circumstance and everything to do with mindset. The next phase of this journey will be full of failures and hard work, but today I want to absorb the potential and believe in myself. I want to reflect on where I have been, only to see the beauty in what He has made me. Life is so short, so I want to make the best of what I have, and when I stand in front of Him, I want to be sure I finished well. “Take every thought captive” is my mantra today. He calls me Beloved!

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