Leaders or Representatives?

I feel as if I have been wandering aimlessly for some time now. It is such a weird time in this country, and we are such a divided people. I genuinely don’t believe the hype portrayed in our media, but I can’t help but try to remember when so many changes happened without us knowing it. For several years now, the statement “all politicians lie” has bothered me deeply. Why is that statement so flippantly accepted instead of creating a demand for honesty? Would our last election been such a fiasco if we had demanded all voter fraud be corrected years ago? Should we be asking the hard questions about racism and all of the phobias being tossed around? Is there any way we can come together and debate with integrity once again, or do we just accept the mud fest and follow behind the person with the best comebacks? I hope I am not the only person out there wondering what just happened?

Right now, everybody has an opinion, and most are afraid to speak them, but I personally have been raised to accept people on their merits and character. Can we all agree that every group of people have good and evil? Is there a way that we can once again disagree on an issue and still respect each other? Does history repeat itself? Does anyone but me believe we are capable of stopping sex trafficking and child abduction? Why do we spend billions of dollars to stop an opioid crisis with Band-Aids and not actually research why there is such a crisis? I might be naïve but why are we willing to fight so hard to save a planet but not the people living on it? Why have we stopped teaching our children that they can become anything they want to be if they work hard?

After thirty years of instant gratification, extreme minimal discipline, and the acceptance of total disrespect for others, can we stop the experiment; it didn’t work. Isn’t it scientific that for every action, there is an equal reaction? For every choice, there is a consequence; with instant gratification, we lose the value of hard work. I’m proud to be a part of a country that is by far the most generous and helpful in the world in times of disaster, but it is our freedom that allows us to do that. Is there anybody else that feels like we have sold out our grandchildren for a few thousand dollars? I am not ashamed of who I am or where I live; I believe people are our greatest assets; the differences of opinions allow us to learn and grow, which is the extraordinary power of freedom. Yes, there is racism from all cultures, yes there is every phobia imaginable, yes people hate others based on preconceived ideas; yes, political parties disagree; yes, there is a war between light and darkness.  So what if we started teaching “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I’m not going to stop reading Dr. Suess to my grandchildren, and I don’t hate you. He calls me Beloved!

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