This Ring

I wear this ring, the symbol of our love, it doesn’t fit at all. I tuck it behind another ring to keep it from falling off, but it pinches sometimes. It’s not as shiny as it once was and part of it is broken, maybe from the fall. I spin this ring on my finger and remember the day we picked it out, what a wonderful memory.  It was December and the store was decorated for Christmas, I remember thinking it would be a whole year before we woke up together on Christmas morning, but only seven weeks until we took the ring back out of that box. How could something so simple as a ring bring so much excitement and anticipation one minute and breathe taking pain in the next. It’s just a ring but it tells the world you made a commitment to love only one and that you are loved in return. We promised we would never take them off and even though it is uncomfortable I struggle to break that promise. I look at that ring and remember all the dreams we had for the future, all the hours we spent laughing, and so many slow dances under the stars. This ring doesn’t fit me, it should not be on my hand, it should be on yours. This ring that reminded me I’m never alone now reminds me you’re never coming back, but your everywhere. I see your smile and that twinkle in your eye every time I set the rock with our name on back up right. I see you flipping through paint fans every time I look at the wall. I cry in the shower because you made me laugh so hard the day we picked out the tile. You’re in pictures on the walls, your clothes are still in the drawers, and this ring is so heavy. They say, “it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” I can say through tears that is true. We promised “until death do, we part” and even though that came way too fast, I would buy this ring with you again. I miss you!

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